Rescue Our Kids Provides Support for Educators

Bullying in schools continues to escalate, creating additional challenges for all educators. You are the second line of defense for kids and have the opportunity to help kids shift their thinking and take back the power and control over the happiness in their own lives. Rescue Our Kids’ 100% FREE programs are designed to help you do just that.

Every Educator Has an Awesome Responsibility

Educators have always had the enormous responsibility of helping our kids learn and grow. Over time, with the rise of the internet and bullying in epidemic proportions, your job to emotionally support your students has become even more challenging.

It will be very beneficial to understand the scientific foundation of how and why kids think the way they do, and how that causes most of the negativity and challenges in their lives. Kids use their automatic, reactive and subconscious thinking, over which they have little to no control, 95% of the time. And their subconscious thoughts are mostly negative. Humans have up to 60,000 thoughts per day, with 80% of them being negative, and 95% of them being repetitive. Their negative, repetitive self-talk consumes their thinking most of the time. This is the primary source of mental and emotional pain and suffering which occurs from bullying.

Educators Can Make a Significant Difference

You have an opportunity to make an even bigger difference as you understand how to help the kids in your care shift their thinking – from subconscious to conscious.

There is great value in you becoming aware of how your communication – both verbal and non-verbal – impact kids and their thinking. This is your chance to be a more conscious thinker and communicator as well.

Educators have a wonderful opportunity to show kids how to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Be an active part of the solution – by being a mentor to these kids and leading by example.

Next Steps:

1. Watch your FREE Phase 1 Rescue Our Kids Prevention Video Program for Adults (includes Prevention Video for Kids)

2. Download your FREE Rescue Our Kids Self-Talk Audio (MP3) Files (will appear after you have viewed the video program)

3. Print the FREE Transcripts of your Rescue Our Kids Video and Audio Programs for Kids and Adults (for your future reference) (will appear after you have downloaded the Audio Files)

4. Review information about additional, future Rescue Our Kids Phase 2 Programs

5. Share Your Story and let your successes be an inspiration to help others

Let’s Lead the Way

If we each lead by example through our own thoughts, communication and behaviour, we can more effectively teach our next generation how to do the same !