Dr. Susanne Cohen Biography

Dr. Susanne Cohen is the Founder and President of Rescue Our Kids, Inc., a Missouri Nonprofit 501(c)3 Corporation. She has an unwavering commitment to help people across America and the globe, including children, gain conscious control over their thinking and shift it from negative to positive and productive.

Dr. Cohen started her career as a healthcare professional. When a serious auto accident ended her dental career, she quickly moved down a business path and became a coach, teaching leadership and life skills to help people accomplish their goals. She then became founder and was CEO of  a successful pharmaceutical company for almost twenty years. 

As their seasoned company spokesperson, she appeared as a guest expert on the Today Show, The View, Fox News, The Apprentice and many other national, regional and local television shows and radio programs. She also appeared in numerous national print publications.

After leaving that position, Dr. Cohen continued to do research and found that, statistically, our society was in trouble – in families, in businesses and with our children. As a result, she founded Conscious Activation International which created a Program designed to provide 37 Steps to Transform Your Life™ by Transforming Your Thinking™. The online Thinking Program™ shares, in detail, (1) how and why we think the way we do and how our thinking causes most of the negativity and challenges in our lives, and (2) a detailed step-by-step process to shift our negative, subconscious to more positive, conscious thinking. When we activate our conscious thinking, we are able to take back control of the happiness, fulfillment, productivity and success in our own lives.

Dr. Cohen’s research also highlighted numerous issues with our children, including the bullying epidemic and the alarming numbers of child death by suicide. She then founded Rescue Our Kids, Inc., a Missouri Nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation that provides 100% free online courses to teach 10 Steps to Eliminate the Mental and Emotional Pain and Suffering from Bullying. Conscious Activation donated the Rescue Our Kids Prevention Programs for Children and Adults to provide a comprehensive solution to help our kids shield themselves from the mental and emotional pain and suffering from bullying.

As a seasoned and passionate speaker, Dr. Cohen is available for keynote presentations. If you are interested, we invite you to submit a request through our Contact Us Form.

Dr. Cohen remains committed to making a true difference in the lives of children and adults everywhere.

Frank Babcock Biography

Frank Babcock serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Rescue Our Kids, Inc. He is an award-winning and highly accomplished leader with over 50 years of management experience in direct marketing, targeted sales and account management in the advertising and publishing industries. As the recent past Senior National Sales Manager for the second largest cable company in the United States, Spectrum Reach, a division of Charter Communications, Mr. Babcock effected lucrative strategies, business development and marketing training management resulting in significant and substantial gains throughout his 22-year Charter career. He created focused, innovative marketing materials targeted to attract new business and enhance sales. Mr. Babcock also identified issues and designed unique solutions to achieve resolution, guarantee superior service, and ensure efficient, productive operations. 

Mr. Babcock’s previous experience also included the CBS Flagship radio station KMOX for 23 years where he served as the National Sales Manager. His ability to effectively analyze current market trends to adapt to a changing consumer market has supported his successful career.

Mr. Babcock’s superior performance awards include:

    • Peak Performers Outstanding Performance Award multiple years (2006-2016)


    • Charter Communications Century Award (2005)


    • Century Club National Team Award (2004)


    • Charter Media Division Lifesaver Award (2002)\


    • Charter Media Employee of the Year (2002)


    • Outstanding Results Wired World Recognition Award (1999)

Throughout his career, Mr. Babcock has contributed to the nonprofit world in numerous areas, including a profound commitment to the safety of children. He was the founder and past President of the United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation and Kick International, and a past member of the Board of Directors of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation focused on developing the sport for Olympic recognition.

Mr. Babcock’s other civic activities include Narcotics Service Council Media Representative, Fund Raiser for “KICK DRUGS OUT OF AMERICA,” Member of the Board Michael Jones Youth Foundation, Founder of the St Louis Blues Society, Co-Founder of the St. Louis Blues Music Festival, Member of the board of KI Youth Development Foundation, National Blues Museum Board of Directors Member, United States Sports Council Vice President and Board Member and National Poly Trauma Institute member of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Babcock is continuing his commitment to contributing to the youth in our society through Rescue Our Kids.