Meet Dr. Cohen

Dr. Susanne Cohen is the Founder and President of Rescue Our Kids Inc., a Missouri Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation.

The mission of Rescue Our Kids is to prevent the mental and emotional pain and suffering our children experience from bullying and other negative challenges and teach leadership and life skills that will guide them to shift their thinking – from subconscious to conscious – so they have the power and control to lead stronger, happier, healthy lives.

Dr. Cohen started her career as a healthcare professional. As a dentist, she knew that prevention was a key component to health. She quickly moved down a business path and became a coach, teaching leadership and life skills to help people accomplish their goals. She then became founder and was CEO of a successful pharmaceutical company for almost twenty years. Dr. Cohen was very process driven utilizing step-by-step procedures to fuel the company’s successes. As the seasoned company spokesperson, she appeared as a guest expert on the Today Show, The View, Fox News and many other national, regional and local television shows and radio programs. She also appeared in numerous national print publications.

After leaving that position, Dr. Cohen continued to do research and found that, statistically, our society is in trouble – in business, in families and especially our children. As a result, she founded Conscious Activation International, a company designed to help people understand the way we, as individuals, think automatically, reactively and subconsciously, causes most of the negativity and challenges in our lives.

Conscious Activation teaches people, in detail, (1) how and why they think the way they do and how their thinking causes most of the negativity and challenges in their lives, and (2) how to shift their negative, subconscious to more positive, conscious thinking. When people activate their conscious thinking, they are able to take back control of the happiness, fulfillment, productivity and success of their own lives.

Dr. Cohen’s research had highlighted numerous issues with our children, including the bullying epidemic and the alarming numbers of child death by suicide. She utilized the Conscious Activation programs to lay the foundation of, and give birth to, a non-profit organization, Rescue Our Kids Inc. The Rescue Our Kids courses combine the concepts of prevention, leadership and life skills, and step-by-step actions to provide a comprehensive solution to help our kids shield themselves from the pain and suffering from bullying

Rescue Our Kids is committed to providing complimentary online courses – which are and always will be one hundred percent free to everyone – kids, parents, teachers, coaches, business leaders and community members – anyone who is committed to supporting and rescuing our kids.

As a seasoned and passionate speaker, Dr. Cohen is available for keynote presentations about the fundamentals – our thinking, emotions, communication, behavior and relationships. She is committed to making a true difference in the lives of children and adults everywhere.

If you are interested in having Dr. Cohen appear as a keynote speaker at your event, we invite you to submit a request through our
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