Rescue Our Kids Provides Support for Parents

Your role is key in protecting your kids from the damaging effects of bullying.  You have the greatest opportunity to help your kids shift their thinking, preventing the damage and creating greater happiness and joy for your kids.  Rescue Our Kids’ 100% free programs are designed to help you do just that.

Parents Provide a First Line of Defense Against the Pain and Suffering from Bullying

As a parent, you have the greatest ability to help prevent the mental and emotional pain and suffering your kids may experience from bullying.  The Rescue Our Kids Programs provide you and your kids with the skills and action steps to help them shift their negative, subconscious to positive, conscious thinking.  This will allow them to take back the power and control over their own life’s happiness.  They will be able to better manage the social challenges they face in their daily lives, including bullying and other negative behavior.  Developing stronger social, leadership and life skills will help them more easily maneuver through their days, maintaining positive self-esteem and keeping their inner strength intact. We encourage you to become an active, daily part of the solution and start or continue on your own journey to activating your own conscious thinking.  Become a stellar role model for conscious thinking, communication, behaviour and relationships.

Next Steps:

1. Watch your FREE Phase 1 Rescue Our Kids Prevention Video Program for Adults (includes Prevention Video for Kids)

2. Download your FREE Rescue Our Kids Self-Talk Audio (MP3) Files (will appear after you have viewed the video program)

3. Print the FREE Transcripts of your Rescue Our Kids Video and Audio Programs for Kids and Adults (for your future reference) (will appear after you have downloaded the Audio Files)

4. Review information about additional, future Rescue Our Kids Phase 2 Programs

5. Share Your Story and let your successes be an inspiration to help others

Let’s Lead the Way

If we each lead by example through our own thoughts, communication and behaviour, we can more effectively teach our next generation how to do the same!