“I truly believe that RESCUE OUR KIDS will prevent suicides form bullying, and will ensure that future generations avoid suffering the damage of bullying years and decades into the future.”

-Marlene Bruner

Licensed Therapist/Social Worker and Experienced Bullying Counsellor , Dallas, Texas

“My favorite part of the RESCUE OUR KIDS program is that it teaches kids how they can have control over their own happiness, and how to combat the negative self-talk which is killing the kids. It is a logical, research-based program that provides comprehensive, modular training and is free for all stakeholders, including kids, parents and teachers. There is nothing out there like RESCUE OUR KIDS that I have ever seen, which focuses on the victims of bullying, and there are no other alternatives. The program is ongoing and sustainable, and provides reinforcement for teachers as well.”

-Dr. Annie Miller

Principal of Parkway West Middle School, St. Louis, Missouri

“I will recommend RESCUE OUR KIDS to equip parents and their children with the self-awareness strategies and skills for navigating bullying situations. This program provides an understanding about where our thoughts about ourselves often come from and how we can turn those into more productive and empowering thoughts and visions for ourselves. I believe that students who learn these skills and ideas will have much greater self-esteem and purpose, which could certainly be a factor in helping them survive and thrive in life versus considering suicide as an option. The sooner these kids can start learning these skills, the better.”

-Carly Roach. MA, Counseling,

Counselor at Parkway West High School, St. Louis, Missouri

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    “Dr. Cohen presents a structured, unified program that will have a quantifiable and immediate impact.”

    -Laura Jones

    CEO and Chair of Women President’s Organization, St. Louis, Missouri

    “Honestly, I think this information is priceless. RESCUE OUR KIDS provides the opportunity to understand why kids are acting in a certain way. Not only does it provide us with why these kids are acting certain ways, it explains how to help every kid in almost any situation. It’s a program that will make an impact throughout the community because of how detailed and true all of the information is. Anything that explains how to take control of feelings in that much depth will help kids throughout the country. And it’s amazing that it’s all going to be free.”

    -Anthony C.

    10th grade student at a St. Louis, Missouri High School.