Bullying affects us all, including businesses in our communities.  Making your employees aware of the 100% FREE Rescue Our Kids online programs can contribute to them, their families and your business culture.

Rescue Our Kids Can Support Your Business Culture

Bullying can negatively impact your business. When a kid is being bullied, or dealing with other negative challenges, it affects their entire family. The anger and negativity that occurs in these situations can follow your employees to work.  It can become a distraction for them and negatively impact their ability to do their job.  The Rescue Our Kids 100% FREE courses provide a roadmap for parents and their kids to address and heal the mental and emotional pain and suffering that comes from bullying.  The courses can help your employees design a happier and healthier future for everyone. 

Unfortunately, there are also adult bullying situations that exist in business, which create barriers to positive culture development and productivity.  The Rescue Our Kids courses are designed to address and prevent the mental and emotional pain and suffering our kids experience from bullying, which can be translated to victims everywhere, at any age.  The source of most negativity and challenges we experience is the way we think.  This applies to both kids and adults.  Rescue Our Kids is committed to teaching skills that will help people shift their automatic, reactive and subconscious thinking to deliberate, on-purpose and conscious thoughts.  This, in turn, helps move damaging negative self-talk to more positive and productive self-talk.  Introducing Rescue Our Kids to your employees will be a benefit that will support all parents of bullying victims and your overall company culture.

Next Steps:

1. Watch the FREE Phase 1 Rescue Our Kids Prevention Program for Adults which includes:

  • Rescue Our Kids Prevention Video for Kids
    •   XX minute video divided into three short sections
    • 4 key points and 10 specific steps kids can take to protect themselves
  • Rescue Our Kids Follow-Up Prevention Video for Adults
    •  XX minutes
    • 4 additional steps adults can take to prevent their kids’ mental and emotional pain and suffering which occurs from bullying

2. Download the FREE Rescue Our Kids Self-Talk Audio Files:


3. Print the FREE Transcripts of the Rescue Our Kids Video and Audio Programs for Kids and Adults (for your future reference):

4. Review information about the additional, future Rescue Our Kids Phase 2 Programs.

5. Share Your Story and let your successes be an inspiration to help others

Let’s Lead the Way

If we each lead by example through our own thoughts, communication and behavior, we can more effectively teach our next generation how to do the same

Please consider becoming a Corporate Sponsor of, or making a tax-deductible Donation to, Rescue Our Kids Foundation.